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Sex Ed Fail: The Interview

sex iw“I was one of those kids you wrote about,” she commented, after reading about the pregnant virgin I counseled at Planned Parenthood, “and you probably want to interview me for your blog.” I leapt at the opportunity she was offering to capture a first-person narrative about the experience of being opted out of school sex ed and how it affects adult sexuality. Continue reading

Overheard At The Gym

gymI was sitting on a bench over in the weights area doing biceps curls when I heard a man say, “so this guy proposed on camera at a game and his girlfriend said no. Later, she explained to him it was because his dick was too small!” I sensed my next voyeuristic “Overheard” post was taking shape at the squats rack adjacent to me, and subtly moved closer, to hear better. “It’s this documentary called Unhung Hero and it’s about this guy’s search to find out if size really does matter,” he continued, his buddies (and I) hanging on his every word. I studied them in the mirror that covers the entire back wall of the building, three men in their late twenties, all white, all of average height, barrel chested, pecs and biceps defined. “So, like, what did he do?” one of them asked. “She dumped him and he went around the world to check out the myths, to find out if the stereotypes are true, and what men do to get bigger.” Earlier that morning, I had been lamenting to myself that it had been ages since I’d overheard anything worth blogging about, and realizing I was going to have to try harder (read: be creepier) if I wanted to keep the “Overheard” series alive on Candid Uprising. Jackpot. Three jocks talking dick size at the gym. I couldn’t have asked for a more compelling conversation, and in such timely fashion! Continue reading

Resolutions Past

resolutionsIt’s a new year, and with that comes the promise of living differently, as a better version of ourselves. Are you making some this year? What are they about? Instead of listing mine here, I started thinking about the ghosts of New Year’s resolutions past and wondering if I was able to attain/maintain them. I think we can all relate to putting out lofty and ambitious goals for the coming year, which are quickly forgotten or taper off somewhere in the middle of February (ever noticed how many people are in the gym the first week of January vs. the first week of March?). Hey, it happens. Life gets in the way of the changes we want to make, the people we want to be. I’ve shared about some of the most difficult years of my life, when the whole thing was taking a nosedive, and how I realized the need for some major, lasting changes. I remember how important a few of those new years were, because they symbolized a fresh start, a reset button that was so desperately needed (though I’ll admit in times of cynicism I do agree with Bono: nothing changes on New Year’s Day; and certainly not, if you don’t take any action).

On New Year’s Day 2009 I ran out of a brunch party at the apartment of so-called friends, terribly hungover, tears streaming down my cheeks (I don’t cry often, so the fact this was happening in public was testament to how badly I was doing), in a state of total humiliation. Continue reading