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Size Matters, or If it’s Too Small, You Don’t Have to Do it

Size MattersWhen I can get people to engage about sex, it’s a favorite topic of conversation for me. I like to know what people are doing, what’s working and how they got there. Good sex should be celebrated, and bad sex should be learned from. One thing I invariably want to discuss is whether or not size matters. This topic could be applied to many objects—tits, ass, vaginal depth, etc. But for the purposes of this post, I’m talking about dick size. Continue reading

What are Your Views on Divorce?

Divorce_Your_SpeedThe question was thrown out to me over the weekend while I was attending a professional sporting event, of all places. I’m unable to resist such lines of inquiry, because, as I’m working to establish with you, I’m fascinated by people and relationships. So I turned my attention from the field to the asker. I said the first thing that came into my mind, which was that I think it’s unavoidable. Continue reading

Today’s Hot Young Things are Tomorrow’s Frumpy Parents

Hot Young ThingsA year ago I lived close to a major state university and often found a patio on which to sit and people watch on weekend nights. Checking out the outfits, the body language and overhearing snatches of conversation was an excellent source of fascination for me. Invariably, as the night wore on, packs of young women in skintight dresses cut just below the ass, and just above the nipples, tottered by on sky-high heels. (I call these girls baby giraffes, because their look evokes that of an unsteady, gangly newborn.) Packs of young men in fitted tee-shirts and jeans, swaggered past in clouds of Axe Body Spray—these boys I call bros. Young couples, made up of members of these groups, walked hand-in-hand, hoping to be seen and always drunk. Continue reading