Our Story

We met in 2011 while both living in Seattle, and bonded quickly over talk of seCandid Uprisingx, relationships, and why people make the decisions they do. Our friends often share intimate details and discuss things with us they don’t share with their loved ones. We’re grateful for this trust, but have come to realize it’s part of a much larger issue.

We’ve watched friends and loved ones make unnecessary choices, often in the guise of following society’s expectations of us. And far too often as part of some twisted idea that being an adult must involve sacrifice, hardship, and stress.

TV shows, movies, and ads perpetuate these unnecessary lives of nagging wives, sexless marriages, getting or staying married because kids are involved, saying yes because someone proposed and that’s somehow the next logical step, and on and on.

Sure, sex and cohabitation before marriage are now widely accepted. But what about all the other issues? All the things no one is talking about?

We will be sharing our stories, thoughts, and opinions, and we want to hear yours. There is no right or wrong. This is about starting the conversations we’re not having elsewhere, but should be. Please join us. Challenge us. And become part of this Candid Uprising.